Wood Slices, Rustic Decor, Rustic Wedding Supplies

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Need Wood Slices? Looking for something rustic and unique? Try our custom order request, to see if we can help. We provide natural wood products at a low cost. Bring that rustic charm to your home, office, or rustic event with our natural wood chargers. We specialize in rustic wood products that are perfect for rustic weddings, centerpieces, baby showers, home decor and much more!

Our wood supply is unique and each piece has its own character. To preserve the authentic rustic look of the wood products. There may be natural imperfections in the wood, such as small cracks, blemishes, or knots that will simply highlight the rustic appeal of the display.

We offer wood chargers, wood rounds, wood cookies, wood centerpieces, wood slabs, rustic cake stands, rustic furniture, rustic wedding supplies, rustic wood, Birch Poles, Birch Branches, Birch Bark, Tree Stumps, Tree Slabs, Furniture Logs, Log Candle Holders. Bring nature indoors with a stunning natural wood display. Rustic wood lamp set of 2 for rustic live edge table. Live edge shelves without bark. Rustic chairs for children. Rustic tea light candle holder set.

We offer free shipping on most of our rustic product items. We strive for customer satisfaction! Live edge wood for table tops, centerpieces, or your next do-it-yourself project. Made from sustainable natural wood that’s been harvested using sustainable forest methods.