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10 Wood Slices 7″ to 8″ Wood Cookie


These are freshly cut from hand-selected logs They can be used for crafts, decor, weddings, carvings, arts, woodworking, holidays, rustic cabin, centerpieces. Please allow 7 to 9 business days for processing.

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Each log is harvested with great care to protect our company standard for high-quality products. Made from all-natural raw wood our wooden slabs will provide a sturdy base for all craft and décor needs. After hand-selecting each tree and slicing our woods, they are cleaned and inspected to ensure our customers get only the best product possible.  We do our best to provide a product that looks great in its natural state. The natural color of our woods can coordinate with many different color schemes and styles.

10 Wood Slices:

7″ to 8″ in length

6″ to 8″ in width

Around 1″ in thickness

May have a slight oval or irregular shape

You will not receive the exact wood slices pictured.

The wood slices will show saw marks, which makes them look more rustic. We partially dry the wood slices before shipping.

Wood slices should be separated and air-dried after receiving. Drying time can vary by location and other factors, such as temperature, humidity. If these are for an event please allow a few days for additional drying time when ordering.

As the wood dry, there can be cracking, checking and loss of bark, this is a natural process and adds character to the pieces. To help slow the natural cracking process a sealant can be applied after they dry some.

We are not responsible for any cracking, checking, or loss of bark that may occur during the natural drying process. These things are natural with fresh-cut wood and we have no control over it.

ships in 7 to 9 business days



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  1. Ashley

    These will be perfect for my mountain wedding decor. They are exactly as shown

  2. jovanna

    Great pieces just what I needed!!

  3. lee ann

    great size and excellent price! Thanks!

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